Cricket, apart from its thrill on the field, is famous for some records. Some are wonderful, and some are ridiculous. I will tell you about a unique cricketing record. 

Since its inception, the game has seen some versatile batters. They have shown their batting skills by batting at a certain position.

But there are a few players who have batted at all positions and have displayed their ability to adjust to different situations and roles.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the players who have batted at all positions in Test cricket.

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So far, only three batters have achieved this feat. Only three!

1. Sydney Edward Gregory (Australia)

Sydney Gregory, also known as Syd Gregory, played 58 Tests for Australia from 1890 to 1912. In his career spanning 22 years, he batted at all positions in Test cricket. Moreover, he was the first player to achieve this feat.

In his 100 Test innings, Gregory batted at number 5 (34 innings) the most and scored 835 runs at an average of 26.09. Besides batting at number 4 (19 innings), he scored 425 runs. While batting at number 6 (18 innings), he scored a double century against England in 1894.

Overall, he scored 2284 Test runs, with four centuries and eight half-centuries. He also held the record for playing the most Tests when he retired.

2. Wilfred Rhodes (England)

England’s Wilfred Rhodes also played 58 Tests from 1899 to 1930. The allrounder became the second batter to bat at all positions in Test cricket.

In his 98 Test innings, Rhodes opened the batting in 43 innings and scored 1469 runs at an average of 36.73. He also scored his Test career’s two centuries while opening the innings. 

Apart from this, he became the first England player to complete a double of 1000+ runs and 100+ runs. Rhodes ended his career with 2325 Test runs at an average of 30.19 and 127 Test wickets.

3. Vinoo Mankad (India)

Vinoo Mankad, one of India’s finest cricketers, represented India in 44 Tests from 1946 to 1959. 

I am sure you must have heard the term ‘Mankading’ a lot. Well, in the 1947-48 series, Mankad ran out Bill Brown on the non-striker’s end for leaving the crease earlier. And that’s how the dismissal got its unofficial name.

Talking about his record of batting at all positions, he became the third batter to etch his name in the record books.

In his 72 innings, Mankad played most as the opener (40 innings), scoring 1548 runs at an average of 40.74. He also scored his five Test centuries while opening the innings for India.

He, along with Pankaj Roy, holds the record for the highest opening partnership for India. They scored 413 runs for the first wicket against New Zealand in 1956.

Mankad retired from cricket with 2109 Test runs and a career average of 31.48.

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