How Many Teams have ODI Status in Cricket?

The One Day International (ODI) format brought a revolution to the cricketing landscape in the 1970s. After close to a century of Test cricket’s existence, fans were introduced to a new format that produced results in a day.

This was bound to bring more eyeballs into the game, popularising the sport in non-Test-playing countries. In the initial years, a handful of countries had ODI status, now the list has grown to 20 teams.

Here are the teams that have permanent and temporary ODI status in cricket.

Teams with Permanent ODI Status

The International Cricket Council (ICC) decides which team can have ODI status. As of now, the ICC’s 12 full members, which also have Test status, hold permanent ODI status.

The following teams have permanent ODI status:

S. No.TeamPermanent Status Awarded
1.Australia5 January 1971
2.England5 January 1971
3.New Zealand11 February 1973
4.Pakistan11 February 1973
5.West Indies5 September 1973
6.India13 July 1974
7.Sri Lanka13 February 1982
8.South Africa10 November 1991
9.Zimbabwe 25 October 1992
10.Bangladesh10 October 1997
11.Afghanistan5 December 2017
12.Ireland5 December 2017

Key Points:

Arch-rivals Australia and England played in the first-ever ODI match in 1971 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Back then, the match was a 40-over affair, and Australia won it by 5 wickets.

Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Ireland were given special and temporary ODI status before they became full members of the ICC.

Even before getting permanent status, Sri Lanka had participated in the 1975 and 1979 World Cups. While Zimbabwe appeared in the 1983, 1987, and 1992 World Cups, after which they became a full member in 1992.

Ireland had temporary status from 2006 to 2017, and Afghanistan held it from 2009 to 2017.

Notably, Kenya were awarded permanent status, along with Bangladesh, in 1997. However, their poor performances resulted in their relegation to temporary status in 2005.

Teams with Temporary ODI Status

The ICC awards temporary ODI status to 8 associate nations depending upon their performance in the World Cup Qualifier. The temporary status is given for a period of 4 years in the lead-up to the ODI World Cup.

Here are the teams with temporary ODI status:

S. No.TeamTemporary Status
1.ScotlandFrom 27 June 2006, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
2.United Arab EmiratesFrom 1 February 2014, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
3.NepalFrom 1 August 2018, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
4.NetherlandsFrom 1 August 2018, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
5.NamibiaFrom 27 April 2019, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
6.OmanFrom 27 April 2019, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
7.United StatesFrom 27 April 2019, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier
8.CanadaFrom 27 March 2023, until the 2026 CWC Qualifier

Key Points:

The Netherlands contested the 1996 and 2003 World Cups and the 2002 Champions Trophy without a temporary status. However, they secured temporary status for the first time in July 2006, which they lost in 2014. After a gap of 4 years, they regained temporary status in August 2018.

Similarly, Canada got temporary ODI status in 2006 for the first time but lost it in 2014. However, Canada regained it in 2023 on the back of a stellar performance.

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