When it comes to game preparation, there is now so much emphasis on what we should be putting into our bodies to help us perform at our best that we can be guilty of overlooking what we should be putting on our bodies.

With ever-improving garment technology now accessible, what we wear has never been more significant since it can improve our performance without us having to put in the extra effort in the nets or the gym.

During games, you may have observed an increase in the number of top-level cricketers wearing arm sleeves or compression sleeves.

Players use them in almost every sport where they play outside in the sun, not just cricket. More than just an athlete-specific fashion statement, they have some hidden advantages.

For example, did you know that some high-quality arm sleeves protect the player’s skin by blocking dangerous UV rays? No, right?

So, let’s look at some more fascinating advantages of arm sleeves for cricketers:   

1. Arm Sleeves Help with Compression 

Compression is perhaps the most significant benefit of wearing an arm sleeve. A popular and trusted brand’s arm sleeve boasts sophisticated fabrics and excellent elasticity. This compression not only helps to stabilize and relax the arm muscles but also helps to regulate blood flow.

2. Arm Sleeves Improve Performance and Reduce Soreness

Arm sleeves aid in the healing process for cricketers. Cricketers (batters, bowlers, and wicketkeepers) frequently have arm pain while playing. It can induce edema or inflammation, which might impair performance. 

As a result, cricketers use them to avoid pain and poor circulation. Arm sleeves keep them dry and comfortable in humid conditions. If the compression is effective, the painful and weary muscles heal more quickly.

3. Arm Sleeves Offer Protection

Not only in cricket but in any sport, players are frequently hurt when catching the ball, running, and so on. Arm sleeves shield the players from such injuries. There is also the possibility of players getting field bruises. Arm sleeves help to lessen the chances. 

Furthermore, arm sleeves provide flexibility for the forearm and elbow. This keeps players from cramping as a result of exhaustion or strain. 

4. Reduce the Risk of Sunburn

Players play cricket on an open field under the sun. It is traditionally played as a summer sport. As a result, even if the athletes wear a cap, they risk getting sunburned on their elbows and forearms. It may also cause skin irritation or rug/friction burns. Arm sleeves limit the likelihood of such burns and maintain healthy skin.

5. UV-Blocking Arm Sleeves

Playing in the sun repeatedly exposes the player’s arm to UV rays. Good quality arm sleeves act as a shield, blocking damaging rays and keeping their skin healthy.

There is one more ingredient players use to keep themselves safe from harmful UV rays. Click the link below to learn more.

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Why do Cricketers Prefer Arm Sleeves to Long-sleeved tees?

“Comfort” is the primary reason for this preference. They are easy to transport. Cricketers are free to wear them whenever they choose.

Players must move fast to toss or catch the ball during bowling or wicket-keeping. Arm sleeves are more comfortable in these situations than long-sleeved T-shirts. Furthermore, individuals wear them to seek support and comfort.

This is not the case with a full-sleeve T-shirt. Wearing a full-sleeved T-shirt in the summer is not recommended. It will cause the player to perspire profusely.

A nice arm sleeve not only covers his skin but also prevents sweating on his arm. In the winter, arm sleeves are preferable to long sleeves since they are lighter in weight (depending on the quality).

How to Choose the Best Arm Sleeves for Cricket

Choosing the best arm sleeves for the big game can be difficult. Aside from color, style, and durability, these are the most important variables to consider.

1. Determine the Size of Your Arm Sleeves

Take your bicep measurement. Subtract around 0.5 to 2 inches. Your sleeve size range is the solution. However, even if you buy an arm sleeve based on the bicep size formula, you may have fit issues.

Even if two players have the same bicep dimensions, they can utilize different sizes. This is due to a difference in arm density. It has an impact on the fit and feel of the sleeves.

2. Determine the Fabric Quality

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing an arm sleeve is its quality.

Arm sleeves that are poorly sewn or constructed of inferior materials do not last long and usually fall apart within a few weeks. Thus, purchasing a high-quality arm sleeve that meets the goals of comfort, injury protection, and longevity is critical. Check the moisture-wicking characteristics of the arm sleeve as well. It will be useful in the humid climate. 

It is always advisable to buy a new arm sleeve if your old one becomes mushy, ragged, or if the stitching starts to pull away from the side. They are inexpensive yet serve a crucial role in preventing injury.

3. Select an Arm Sleeve with UPF 50+ Protection

Cricket frequently requires you to play for hours in the sun. As a result, it is frequently advised to select an arm sleeve with at least good UV ray protection.

Selecting specialist UV protection arm sleeves is especially recommended if your skin responds strongly to direct sunlight. If this is the case, it is strongly advised to select an arm sleeve with at least UPF 50+ UV protection. 

4. Select an Elastic Gripper Arm Sleeve

This is an optional but crucial step. An elastic gripper keeps the arm sleeve in place and prevents it from slipping while playing. While this is vital if you have a somewhat loose arm sleeve, it is not required if your arm sleeve fits well.

In any case, an arm sleeve with an elastic gripper (ideally made of silicon) at the top is always preferable. It ensures that the sleeve remains firm in place and does not fall down your arm, regardless of fit.

5. Check that they are Not too Tight

The ideal arm sleeve tightness varies from person to person. Additionally, the arm sleeves are available in a variety of compression levels. As a result, each compression arm sleeve will fit differently.  

In general, when you try them on, you should check to see whether they are pinching your skin, causing pain, or making it difficult to move your arm.

When you take them off, if you feel like the sleeves are suffocating your flesh, they are probably a touch too tight for you. Also, while purchasing an arm sleeve, always double-check the size chart.

Final Thoughts

Arm sleeves are an important aspect of a cricketer’s clothing. Not only for comfort and health, but they can also elevate the style of cricketers.

They are sometimes constructed expressly for the team’s style. Some athletes and cricketers wear them to hide tattoos. Arm sleeves are essential for efficient play, whether for health or fashion reasons. 

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