Ten Best Pull Shot Players in Cricket

If there is a shot that every cricket player desires to play in his inning, it is definitely the pull shot, coupled with the cover drive stroke. A pull shot, unlike a cover drive, requires proper ball judgement as well as the batsman’s force to send the ball into the stands.

Furthermore, who doesn’t want to hit sixes while batting? A pull shot is the best approach to accomplishing this.

On that note, let’s look at the best pull shot player in international cricket.

1. Rohit Sharma

The reason Rohit Sharma is known as “Hitman” is because of his amazing ability to judge short-pitched balls swiftly and execute them for six when playing pull shots. As a result, Rohit is also known as the “King of the Pull Shot.”

Furthermore, when he plays that shot, it looks polished and appealing to the audience. Rohit Sharma shifts his weight to his back foot just before the shot, giving him stability and adequate power.

In today’s game, experts don’t believe there is another batsman who can play the pull shot like Rohit every time and effortlessly send the ball for long sixes. He did get out a couple of times on this shot, but it never went in the way of his personal favourite shot, “pull.”

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2. Eoin Morgan

Despite his troubles against short-pitched balls, Eoin Morgan managed to make the pull shot one of his more fruitful options. The former England star improved his pull shot to counter the short-ball strategy utilised by other teams.

3. Virat Kohli 

Another outstanding Indian cricketer is Virat Kohli, who can play the pull shot on both the front and back foot. Virat Kohli is one of the rare players who can hit sixes on the front pull.

4. Kane Williamson 

Kane Williamson, New Zealand’s exquisite batter, makes the list of the top pull shot players in international cricket. Williamson may not be a hard hitter, but when he plays pull shots, he makes sure to hit long sixes.

Williamson’s first movement begins with his outside leg stumps and progresses to his middle and half stumps, with his front leg open, allowing him to play a pull shot with ease.

5. Mitchell Marsh 

Mitchell Marsh is an all-rounder from Australia. Mitchell Marsh is a beast when it comes to retrieving the ball off the ground. Mitchell Marsh is fast with the bat and has a big body, so he loves to use that power on the pull shot.

6. Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is one of the best white-ball strikers and has a powerful wrist that allows him to play some of the most bizarre shots in cricket, including a pull shot.

Jos Buttler is one of the rare batters who can play a flat pull shot for a six. His batlift is lower than it should be in traditional cricket, but his flexibility and the force he generates from his wrists make him an excellent pull shot attacker.

7. David Warner

Australian opener David Warner is one of the finest pull shot players in world cricket. Warner has always been impressive on the back foot, whether it’s a cut shot or a pull shot.

Furthermore, Warner is used to the bouncy wickets of Australia, so he can bat on any pitch with extra bounce, which is why he can play the pull shot correctly every time in any area of the world. If you’ve ever seen how his pull shot ranges from long on to deep square leg on short-pitched balls, it speaks a lot about his pull shot control.

8. Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes has great power when it comes to playing pull shots. He is not only good at white-ball cricket, but he also plays test cricket flawlessly.

Ben Stokes’ initial movement assists him in being in a great position for a pull shot even before the ball is pitched, giving him a little extra time to execute the shot for six.

9. David Miller

South African swashbuckling batter David Miller is known for his powerful pull shot execution. The reason for his strong pull shot is that during the shuffle, he arrives on the middle stump and makes an arc in his stance towards mid-wicket and square leg, causing his bat to come into full flow to execute the shot.

10. Suryakumar Yadav 

When it comes to playing pull shots, the man who has dominated t20 cricket since his debut is incredible. Suryakumar Yadav can strike a six even on a short-length ball, which most players miss.

Surya is known for his 360-degree batting performance, yet his majority of runs on the leg side come from pull shots solely, demonstrating how well he has perfected and enjoys playing this shot.

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