In the last decade or so, you must have noticed LED stumps in almost every cricket match. But do you know the price of a set of LED stumps?

Well, if you don’t know, then I have got you covered. In this article, I will unveil the cost of LED stumps and the technology used in them.

Cost of LED Stumps

The LED stumps are one of the best inventions in cricket, and they also cost a lot. Many companies manufacture LED stumps, and the price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Zing International is one of the prominent companies in this sector, and most of the cricket boards, including the International Cricket Council (ICC), prefer to use their LED stumps.

A set of LED stumps, including the stump bails, manufactured by Zing costs anywhere between $40,000 and $50,000, which is close to INR 30-40 lakhs.

I am sure you must be shocked after reading this, but hold your breath for a moment. The pair of LED bails that come along the stumps alone cost close to INR 50,000!

The LED stumps manufactured by Intelliconn and StumpVision are slightly more affordable as compared to Zing International. Their stumps cost between $5,000 and $20,000, which comes around INR 4 lakhs to INR 16 lakhs.

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Technology Used in LED Stumps

Before the invention of LED stumps in cricket, the game relied on wooden stumps. The only technology used in a wooden stump is the camera placed in the middle stump.

However, the LED stumps are way ahead in terms of the technology involved in their manufacturing process. They not only come up with the camera but also have a few complex things.

The LED stumps manufactured by Zing International are made from composite plastic. These stumps are then embedded with LED lights, a small camera, and a microphone (camera and mic are used only in the middle stump).

Talking about the LED bails, they consist of low-voltage batteries and microprocessors, which enable the stumps and bails to light up once they come in contact with a player or any equipment like a bat or ball.

Do Cricket Boards Buy LED Stumps?

Well, the answer is NO! Any cricket board, even the richest board, BCCI, doesn’t buy these expensive LED stumps. They simply take these stumps on rent from the manufacturer and pay according to their contract terms.

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