MI vs PBKS Head-to-Head in IPL History

Mumbai Indians share intense rivalries with the teams that have ‘Kings’ in their name. The same goes for Punjab Kings, against whom Mumbai Indians have engaged in fierce competition in the IPL.

One is the most successful team, while the other is an underachieved team. But there’s no shortage of thrill and entertainment when these 2 sides clash against each other.

The head-to-head record between MI and PBKS also depicts the same picture. So, let’s look at the head-to-head stats between MI and PBKS in IPL history.

MI vs PBKS Head-to-Head Record in IPL

Matches Played32
MI Won17
PBKS Won15
No Result0

It’s a tough battle between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings in the IPL, each trying to pounce on one another. 

One of those games played in the 2020 edition in Dubai was ultimately decided by a double Super Over, with PBKS emerging as the winner. Such is the fierceness of this rivalry.

MI vs PBKS Head-to-Head (at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai)

Matches Played10
MI Won5
No Result0

Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium is an even playground for both sides. Mumbai and Punjab have won 5 games each, with most of the games being close affairs.

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MI vs PBKS Head-to-Head (at I. S. Bindra Stadium, Mohali)

Matches Played9
MI Won5
No Result0

Mumbai Indians are slightly ahead at Punjab Kings den, having won 5 out of the 9 games.

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MI vs PBKS Head-to-Head (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played12
MI Won6
No Result0

MI and PBKS have turned neutral venues into battlegrounds, with both teams winning an equal number of IPL games.

MI vs PBKS Head-to-Head Record in IPL Playoffs

Matches Played0
MI Won0
No Result0

Mumbai and Punjab are yet to face each other in the IPL Playoffs.

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