List: Teams with the Most Ranji Trophy Titles

Cricket runs in the veins of India, and the tournament that has deep-rooted the sport in the country is the Ranji Trophy. The premier First-Class domestic tournament kicked off in 1934-35, with several teams having a go at the coveted trophy.

Mumbai has been the undisputed king of the Indian domestic competition, having won the title the most times. Apart from them, a few other teams have had successful bouts throughout the Ranji Trophy’s illustrious history.

This article will list the teams that have won the most Ranji Trophy titles.

Most Ranji Trophy Titles

TeamRanji Trophy Titles Won
Madhya Pradesh/Holkar5
Tamil Nadu/Madras2
Uttar Pradesh/United Provinces1
Punjab/Southern Punjab1
Western India1

Teams with 5 or More Ranji Trophy Title Wins

42 Titles | Mumbai

Mumbai is the most successful team in the prestigious Ranji Trophy competition. Being the epicentre of cricket in India, Mumbai has always had the services of the best players who took the team over the ropes.

Mumbai won their first Ranji Trophy in the inaugural 1934-35 season. Since then, no other team has dominated the premier domestic competition like Mumbai.

The Mumbai Cricket Team has won the Ranji Trophy a staggering 41 times, with no other team even winning the title more than 10 times. Out of those title victories, 15 came in a streak from 1958-59 to 1972-73.

8 Titles | Karnataka

Karnataka snapped Mumbai’s unbeaten streak of 15 seasons and claimed their first Ranji Trophy title in the 1973-74 season by defeating Rajasthan.

After that, Karnataka won the First-Class tournament 7 more times, with the most recent victory coming in the 2014-15 season.

7 Titles | Delhi

Delhi tasted its first Ranji Trophy success in the 1978-79 season. The team based out of the national capital faced off against Karnataka in the final, beating them by a whopping margin of 399 runs.

Delhi doubled it up in the next season by wrapping up a win over Mumbai in the final. So far, Delhi has won the National Championship 7 times, with their last title win being in the 2007-08 season.

5 Titles | Madhya Pradesh & Baroda

Madhya Pradesh won the Ranji Trophy for the first time in the 1945-46 season, although it was known as the Holkar team.

The Holkar Team got their hands on the championship 4 times between 1945-46 and 1954-55. After that, the Holkar team was replaced by Madhya Pradesh, which won the fifth title in the 2021-22 season.

Speaking of Baroda, the team has claimed the trophy 5 times, with the first title victory coming in the 1942-43 season. With that, Baroda became only the sixth team to lay their hands on the coveted Ranji Trophy.

Teams with 2 Ranji Trophy Title Wins

Saurashtra: 2019-20, 2022-23

Vidarbha: 2017-18, 2018-19

Bengal: 1938-39, 1989-90

Tamil Nadu/Madras: 1954-55, 1987-88

Rajasthan: 2010-11, 2011-12

Hyderabad: 1937-38, 1986-87

Maharashtra: 1939-40, 1940-41

Railways: 2001-02, 2004-05

Key Points

Coincidentally, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Vidarbha have clinched it in back-to-back seasons.

Teams with 1 Ranji Trophy Title Win

Uttar Pradesh/United Provinces: 2005-06

Punjab/Southern Punjab: 1992-93

Haryana: 1990-91

Gujarat: 2016-17

Nawanagar: 1936-37

Western India: 1943-44

Key Points

Nawanagar was only the second team to win the competition after Mumbai. Except for Nawanagar and Western India, which no longer exist, other teams clinched the title after India’s independence.

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