Cricket is considered the national sport in Australia, and there are few better places to watch a test match than beneath the Australian sun with a beer in hand.

In total, 12 venues in Australia have held cricket matches. However, only 6 of those regularly host international cricket matches. There are many more cricket fields in Australia that are utilised for first-class cricket, and hundreds of smaller facilities are present across the country.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 cricket stadiums in Australia.

1. Brisbane Cricket Ground

The Gabba, commonly known as the Brisbane Cricket Ground, was opened in 1895 and has a capacity of 42,000 people. However, when the stadium is crowded, the atmosphere is electric.

It is a historic venue that has historically hosted the opening test match of an Australian summer. The Gabba was also the site of Australia’s maiden home T20I match in 2006. It is another multi-purpose stadium that featured Olympic soccer in 2000 when the country hosted the games.

2. Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval, in my opinion, is Australia’s best cricket stadium. The Adelaide Oval, which was opened in 1871, was initially used for state cricket by South Australia and it hosted its first test match between Australia and England in 1884.

The Adelaide Oval, like many other important cricket grounds across the country, is also used for Australian Rules football. Rugby League and rock concerts have also been held here, making it an adaptable venue.

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3. Melbourne Cricket Ground 

Some say that the Melbourne Cricket Ground should be at the top of this list, and there is certainly a case to be made for it. It undoubtedly has history, having hosted the first-ever test match between Australia and England in 1877 after opening in 1853. The MCG also hosts Australia’s traditional Boxing Day Test matches regularly.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. Its capacity of 100,024 spectators places it second only to India’s Narendra Modi Stadium — the largest cricket ground in the world.

The Adelaide Oval’s beauty is what propels it to the top position. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is lovely, but not quite in the same league.

4. Sydney Cricket Ground

Australia’s first test of the new year is customarily played at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Sydney Cricket Ground, opened in 1851, now accommodates cricket, AFL, and rugby, with a capacity of 48,000.

The Sydney Cricket Ground’s modest capacity, coupled with its aesthetics, makes it one of the top cricket stadiums in Australia. The stadium has kept its original members and ladies’ grandstands, and it is a wonderfully lovely setting.

5. Optus Stadium in Perth

The Optus Stadium bills itself as Australia’s most advanced multipurpose sports complex. It is undoubtedly one of the most costly in the world, with an estimated cost of AUD 1.6 billion when it opened in 2017.

Before the Optus Stadium opened, the Australian team used to play at Perth’s WACA (Western Australian Cricket Association) Stadium, but now they play international games here. Despite being a contemporary stadium, it is visually appealing, which helps Optus Stadium feature on our list of the top Australian cricket stadiums.

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