What is a Beamer in Cricket?

As you know, cricket is a game played between bat and ball. Everyone involved in the game must play it with a fair spirit.

However, on some occasions, players might use unfair tactics to overpower their opponents. For instance, if bowlers are unable to pick wickets, they might target the batters by bowling beamers.

Now, what is a beamer delivery? And what are the consequences of bowling a beamer?

Let’s understand the rules regarding beamer delivery.

The Dangerous Beamer

Consider this scenario: A bowler is steaming in quickly with the ball in hand. And he bowls a delivery that passes above your waist at a rapid pace without pitching on the ground.

Now, this might shake you and put you in a precarious situation. Such a delivery falls under the category of a beamer, which is deemed a dangerous ball. 

Now, why is a beamer a dangerous delivery?

You see, the beamer can potentially put the batter’s life at risk by causing injuries. If, by any chance, the beamer hits the upper body or the head of the batter, that can change the course of the player’s career.

That is the primary reason behind the delivery being termed dangerous. Moreover, to prevent bowlers from bowling this harmful delivery, the MCC has put it under the ‘Bowling of dangerous and unfair non-pitching deliveries’ law.

This means a beamer is an illegal delivery, and if a bowler bowls it intentionally or unintentionally, they will be penalised by the on-field umpires.

Consequences of Bowling a Beamer Delivery

The penalty for bowling a beamer is categorised as follows:

1st Beamer: If a bowler bowls such a dangerous delivery for the first time, then the umpire shall signal it as a no ball. Moreover, the umpire shall give the first and final warning to the bowler to not bowl such a delivery again in the match.

2nd Beamer: If the same bowler bowls another waist-high delivery, then the umpire shall again signal it as a no ball. And the bowler shall also be suspended from bowling further in the match.

So, a bowler is only allowed to bowl one beamer, and if they bowl another one, then they are prevented from bowling in the remaining match with immediate effect.

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