June 25 is a remarkable day in the history of Indian cricket. Why, you ask? On this day in 1983, India lifted its first ODI World Cup by defeating 2-times ODI World Cup winners, the West Indies.

And today (June 25, 2023) marks 40 years since that glorious victory. India was once the underdog, and now they are ruling the cricket world. Once a mighty West Indies, on the other hand, are now finding it hard to qualify for the 2023 Cricket World Cup (CWC). Just see how the times have changed.

Currently, they are playing in the CWC Qualifiers in Zimbabwe. On June 24, 2023, Zimbabwe defeated the Caribbean team by 35 runs in the group stage match at Harare Sports Club.

And that got the fans talking about their dismal performance in ICC tournaments. Well, it’s not like the West Indies have lost against a lower-ranked team for the first time.

Just look back at the 2022 T20 World Cup. They couldn’t even qualify for the main event. Teams like Scotland and Ireland defeated the West Indies, studded with T20 stars, in the qualifiers!

So this leaves me with a question — What are the reasons behind the downfall of the West Indies cricket team? In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons behind the sad decline of West Indies cricket.

The Reasons Behind the Downfall of Cricket in the West Indies

Exodus of Talent

Talented West Indies cricketers are leaving their team to play in T20 tournaments like the IPL, BBL, SA20, etc. But can you blame them? 

These tournaments offer big money! And who doesn’t want to earn some extra dollars?

But this mass departure has left them in a tough spot. They’re struggling to find worthy replacements and maintain a consistent lineup.

Weak Domestic Structure

To have a consistent lineup of players, a strong foundation is important for the West Indies team. And that starts with a solid domestic structure. 

Unfortunately, their domestic cricket tournaments are not up to the mark as compared to other nations. They lack competitiveness and don’t provide enough opportunities for young players to shine. It’s hard to produce star cricketers without a robust domestic setup.

Well, they do have the Caribbean Premier League, but it can’t produce all-format players. While the players get the recognition, however, it’s hard to determine their capability to play in the Test team.

Leadership Instability

Have you ever played a match without a proper captain? It will be total chaos!

Well, the West Indies cricket team knows a thing or two about it. They have had many captains and coaches, causing instability and confusion. In fact, in the last 10 years, they have seen 4 Test captains, 6 ODI captains, and 7 T20I captains! 

A team needs a steady leader and a clear vision to succeed. Sadly, the West Indies team has been struggling to find that stability.

Decline in Infrastructure and Investment

Imagine playing cricket without proper facilities and resources. Not fun, right? The West Indies team has been grappling with this issue. 

Compared to other cricketing nations, they have struggled to provide top-notch infrastructure for training and development. On top of that, limited funding and resources have held them back from competing at their best.

Moreover, this has prompted many players to represent other countries on the global stage. Just take the example of Jofra Archer. The Barbados-born player now plays for the England cricket team.

Cultural Shift and Other Sports

Cricket faces tough competition in the Caribbean Islands. Sports like football, basketball, and athletics have gained popularity among the youth, diverting their attention from cricket.

It’s a cultural shift that’s impacting the team’s talent pool. With less interest and participation at the grassroots level, the West Indies team has been missing out on potential stars.


The West Indies cricket team’s downfall is a sad story. Once, they used to rule the world of cricket and even franchise tournaments.

Players like Clive Lloyd, Brian Lara, Curtly Ambrose, Chris Gayle, Darren Sammy, and Marlon Samuels gave memorable performances. But today’s players lack the fire that these former players had. 

By strengthening their domestic setup, investing in facilities, and nurturing young talent, the West Indies team can turn things around. They have passionate fans and a rich cricketing legacy to draw inspiration from. 

With Darren Sammy back with the limited-overs team as the Head Coach, the fans can hope to see some progress in their game. It’s time to rewrite their story and reclaim their spot at the top of the cricketing world!

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