Why is Sourav Ganguly called the God of Offside?

Sourav Ganguly is one of the most celebrated players in Indian cricket history. The left-hander was an astute leader who took India to new heights and a fine batter with a plethora of shots in the bag.

Throughout his remarkable career, Ganguly earned many monickers like ‘Prince of Kolkata’ and ‘Dada’, which you must have heard a lot. But one nickname given to him is quite interesting.

Which one? The God of Offside.

But why is Sourav Ganguly called the God of Offside? Well, stick around to find the answer.

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Sourav Ganguly – The God of Offside

When the Prince of Kolkata came to bat on the crease, he executed shots with grace and precision, especially on the offside of the field. Sourav Ganguly played some exceptional strokes on the offside, piercing through the fielders.

He had a repertoire for playing some fine shots on the offside, like cover drives, square cuts, and square drives, which had a blend of skill and timing. Ganguly’s flawless execution left everyone in awe of his offside strokeplay.

His impeccable technique allowed him to create room and play the ball late through the covers and point regions. Even Australia’s former captain, Steve Waugh, once said that Sourav Ganguly was as good a player on the offside as anyone.

But, who gave Ganguly the nickname?

Well, it was none other than his former teammate Rahul Dravid. While praising Ganguly’s offside strokeplay, Dravid once said that there is God first and Sourav Ganguly on the offside.

That statement paints a clear picture of Ganguly’s excellent skills in hammering the ball on the offside in his days. 

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