Why is IPL the Best T20 League in the World?

Of the plethora of T20 leagues running around the world, one that stands out among them is the IPL. Played during India’s peak summer, it guarantees to put on a spectacle for fans through the electrifying performances and atmosphere.

And no other league comes close to the IPL, making it the best T20 league in the world. Moreover, the IPL is also giving other big sports leagues a run for their money. 

But what exactly makes IPL the beast of T20 leagues?

In this article, we look at the reasons that make the IPL the best T20 league.

1. Prime Slot

Unlike other major leagues, the IPL takes place during a time when there’s little to no international cricket scheduled. And that is one of the reasons why the IPL garners a lot many eyeballs.

Other leagues don’t have the luxury of a preferred playing window, either clashing with international matches or rival leagues. 

For instance, leagues like BBL, SA20, ILT20, and PSL clash with each other, impacting the reach they get and the availability of the best talent.

2. Availability of Best Cricketers

Since the IPL has the best playing window available, it also ensures that the best of the best players from around the world assemble in India.

Add to it the Indian star players who are also in the running to unleash their performances in front of their beloved fans.

3. High-Quality Cricket

When some of the finest cricketers battle it out on the field, it is only going to produce high-quality performances. Apart from the big names, youngsters also have the perfect platform to showcase their talent to the world.

The IPL has the perfect blend of domestic and overseas stars, which guarantees to put forward a scintillating showdown. 

4. Huge Fan Following

Cricket in India is like a religion that has a massive fan following. This works in every IPL team’s favour, as they get tremendous support from their respective regions along with other parts of the country and the world.

Moreover, IPL teams are nothing without their loyal fans. The enthusiasts are emotionally connected with their teams and players, establishing an unwavering bond.

Final Words

If we combine the above-mentioned things, it makes the IPL a complete package. A few sports leagues have the factors that crown the IPL as the best league. 

Other T20 leagues are also improving, but they lack a thing or two that keeps them away from the tag of the best league. These leagues have a huge task cut out for them to bridge the gap between them and the IPL.

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