We have a natural tendency to associate the word “Cricket” with guys whenever we hear it. We frequently overlook the sport’s female athletes.

What we don’t realize is that we have no concept of what we’re missing out on since we’re unaware of the female counterparts’ game. It’s past time for women’s cricket to receive the attention it deserves, and for the right reasons.

Here are Some Amazing Facts About Women’s Cricket

  1. England hosted the first Women’s World Cup in 1973, which was won by the hosts in a one-sided final against Australia. Surprisingly, this competition took place two years before the inaugural men’s Cricket World Cup.

  1. Mithali Raj is the youngest player in ODI history to score a century on her debut. When she was 16 years and 205 days old, she hit 114 not out against Ireland in Milton Keynes in 1999!

  1. Australia is by far the most successful team in the women’s version of the game, having won seven of the ten World Cup titles held. Even in this, they outnumber their male counterparts, who have won five World Cups to date. Furthermore, both of these teams have won three consecutive world championships.

  1. The Women’s World Cup has been held in India three times. They made their tournament debut in 1978, which they also hosted. However, they have not yet been able to don the world champion’s cap. Despite reaching the final for the first time in 2005, India failed to win the title after losing to Australia.

  1. Australia holds the record for the highest World Cup score in tournament history, 412/3 against Denmark in 1997. In the same edition of the trophy hunt, Pakistan held the lowest score of 27 against a strong Australia.

  1. The New Zealand women’s team holds the record for scoring 455 runs for the loss of five wickets. In 1997, the New Zealand women’s cricket team became the first to score 400 or more runs in an ODI innings. This accomplishment was accomplished in a match against Pakistan, nine years before it was accomplished in men’s cricket. In that game, skipper Maia Lewis got her first century. This match is well known among cricket fans for two reasons. To begin with, no men’s team has ever surpassed the 450-run total, which is a record in and of itself.

  1. Belinda Clark of Australia, not Sachin Tendulkar, was the first to smash a double ton in a One Day International match. Belinda hit an unbeaten 229 runs off 145 balls against Denmark in Sachin’s hometown of Mumbai during the 1997 Women’s Cricket World Cup.

  1. In 2004, the Indian women’s team won their first Asia Cup. They went on to win three more Asia Cups. Team India is the tournament’s most successful team, having won five titles.

  1. On August 4, 1976, the iconic Lord’s Stadium hosted the first women’s ODI match.

  1. Financial constraints made it difficult for the World Cup competition to run on a four-year cycle in the early years. Many teams were unable to compete due to a lack of financing. However, since the 2005 World Cup, the competition has been held every four years.

Final Thoughts

Since the first match was played in 1877, the sport has come a long way and is currently more popular than ever. The 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup was the most viewed women’s sporting event in history, indicating that the sport is growing in popularity.

Women’s cricket is an excellent illustration of how sports can help break down gender stereotypes and promote equality. It is a sport that is open to anyone, regardless of gender, and there are numerous opportunities for women to play at the top level.

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