The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest T20 tournament not only in India but also in the entire world. The IPL has been running since 2008 in India, and the 2-month-long festival is celebrated across the country with much fervour.

The audience enjoys every match, but at the same time, they desperately wait for the final day, when the fans celebrate the victory of their favourite IPL team. 

But how do all these things happen?

Well, to reach the finals, teams first need to qualify for the IPL Playoffs. And, to do this, there is a special process to qualify for the IPL Playoffs. 

So, in this article, we’ll know the exact qualification process and the format of the IPL Playoffs.

How do Teams Qualify for the IPL Playoffs?

The IPL is played between the 10 teams. Each team plays 14 matches in the league phase. 

Then all teams earn some points, which are based on their performance and other factors such as net run rate. 

The teams that rank in the top 4 in the points table qualify for the IPL Playoffs.

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What is the Format of the IPL Playoffs? 

The IPL Playoffs are the matches played at the end of the league stage, to determine the 2 teams that will reach the IPL finals. 

Generally, in the IPL, only 4 teams qualify for the playoffs, and the remaining six get eliminated from the IPL. Playoffs typically include 2 Qualifiers (Qualifiers 1 and 2), 1 Eliminator, and the Final match.

Which Teams Play Qualifier 1 in the IPL Playoffs?

As we know, only 4 teams qualify for the playoffs. Qualifier 1 is the match played between the top 2 teams ranked in the points table. The winner of Qualifier 1 directly progresses to the grand final. Whereas, the loser gets another chance to reach the finals by playing in Qualifier 2.

Which Teams Play the Eliminator in the IPL Playoffs?

The Eliminator round occurs between the teams in the third and fourth positions on the points table. The winner progresses to Qualifier 2. But the loser gets eliminated from the tournament.

Which Teams Play Qualifier 2 in the IPL Playoffs?

Qualifier 2 is just like the semifinal, which happens before the grand final. In this match, the loser of Qualifier 1 plays against the winner of the Eliminator match. The team that loses the match gets eliminated from the IPL, whereas the winner goes to the grand final.

Which Teams Qualify for the IPL Final?

Finally, the end of the IPL will happen after this match. The grand final is played between the winners of Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2. The team that conquers the final etches their name on the IPL title.

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