Over time, Mumbai Indians (MI) have become the strongest and toughest competitor in the IPL. The five-time champion Mumbai Indians have defeated various teams in the league.

But there’s quite nothing like their supremacy over Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Kolkata is one of the most formidable and competitive franchises in the league, but they have had tough times against MI.

So, in this article, let’s look at the head-to-head records between MI and KKR in IPL history.

MI vs KKR Head-to-Head Record in IPL

Matches Played32
MI Won23
KKR Won9
No Result0

In their 32 IPL encounters, Mumbai holds a decisive advantage over Kolkata, having defeated them 23 times, showcasing the dominance of Mumbai’s Paltan.

MI vs KKR Head-to-Head (at Wankhede Stadium)

Matches Played10
MI Won9
KKR Won1
No Result0

In the thrilling clashes at Wankhede Stadium, MI emerged victorious against KKR in an impressive 9 out of 10 matches, showcasing their dominance on their home turf.

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MI vs KKR Head-to-Head (at Eden Gardens)

Matches Played10
MI Won7
KKR Won3
No Result0

At Kolkata’s iconic Eden Gardens, both teams have competed in 10 games. Yet, the story remains the same, with Mumbai’s heroes maintaining the upper edge, prevailing 7 out of 10 times against KKR.

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MI vs KKR Head-to-Head (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played12
MI Won7
KKR Won5
No Result0

Mumbai and Kolkata have engaged in tough competition, especially at neutral venues. They have faced each other in some games in UAE, South Africa, and other Indian venues. Out of 12 matches at neutral venues, MI registered 7 wins, maintaining their dominance.

MI vs KKR Head-to-Head Record in IPL Playoffs

Matches Played 2
MI Won2
KKR Won0
No Result0

Both teams have come up against each other twice in the playoffs. However, both times, MI emerged as the winner in the 2011 Elimination Final and the 2017 Qualifier 2. This victory made a significant difference in wins between the two franchises.


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