The off-spinners have some lethal variations in their bowling armoury to deceive the batters. Doosra Ball is one of the mysterious deliveries the off-spinners have at their expense.

So what is a doosra ball? And who invented the delivery?

Let’s delve into the details of the doosra ball in cricket.

Doosra Ball in Cricket

The doosra ball is the exact opposite of how an off-spinner bowls their stock delivery — the off-spin ball. The stock delivery spins towards the right-hand batter, while the doosra ball turns away from the right-hand batter.

This variation is similar to that of a leg-break delivery bowled by a leg spinner. The off-spinners can use the doosra ball to surprise the batter.

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So, how did the delivery get its name?

You see, the term “Doosra” means “second” or “other” in Hindi or Urdu. When Saqlain Mushtaq came to bowl at the crease, Pakistan’s former wicketkeeper Moin Khan would tell him to bowl the doosra delivery.

Since it is a second bowling variation in the off-spinner’s arsenal, it was referred to as doosra delivery. And during Pakistan’s match, commentator Tony Greig heard the word through the stump mic and confirmed the delivery’s name with Mushtaq.

After that match, the deceiving delivery formally got its name. Then Mushtaq popularised the delivery on the international stage, leaving batters confused.

Apart from Mushtaq, a few prominent off-spinners like Muthiah Muralidaran, Harbhajan Singh, and Saeed Ajmal mastered the doosra delivery.

The doosra ball is a rewarding delivery, as batters find it difficult to play it. Moreover, it is tough to read the ball, as there’s not much difference in the bowling action. This makes it a lethal weapon an off-spinner can have in their armoury.

However, the doosra is also a difficult delivery for a bowler to master. That is why you won’t see many modern-day off-spinners bowling the doosra ball. But it continues to be an intriguing delivery that promises to catch the batter off guard.

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