The ICC, cricket’s governing body, has announced the WTC schedule of all nine countries, including England. The England cricket team will look to outclass its opponents in the World Test Championship (WTC) 2023-25 cycle.

In this article, we’ll take a look at England’s WTC 2023-2025 schedule.

Before we take a look at the schedule, let’s take a look at England’s performance in the previous WTC cycle.

England’s Performance in WTC 2021-23

England played a total of 22 Test matches in the championship — the most by any team. Of the 22 matches, they registered 10 wins, 8 losses, and 4 draws.

Out of the six Test series, England played against India, New Zealand, and South Africa at home. They won the series against New Zealand by 3-0 (3) and South Africa by 2-1 (3). And England somehow managed to draw the series against India by 2-2 (5).

While in the away series, England lost to Australia by 0-4 (5) in the Ashes. And surprisingly, they also lost the series against the West Indies by 1-0 (3). England could only manage to win one away series against Pakistan by 3-0 (3).

These defeats on away tours cost them a lot, as they finished in fourth place in the WTC points table.

England WTC Schedule 2023-25

England will play six Test series in the WTC 2023-25 schedule. Their fixture includes a total of 21 Test matches played over the course of the tournament.

England will take on Australia, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka at home, while they will play against India, Pakistan, and New Zealand in the away series.

Home Series

1. England vs Australia – The Ashes

England will kick off their WTC cycle by playing against their archrival Australia in the Ashes. The series features 5 action-packed Test matches played between June and July 2023.

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2. England vs West Indies

England will play a 3-match Test series against the West Indies. The series will take place in July 2024.

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3. England vs Sri Lanka

After the West Indies series, England is scheduled to play against Sri Lanka. The series includes 2 Test matches played between August and September 2024.

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Away Series

1. India vs England – Anthony De Mello Trophy

England will tour India at the start of 2024 for a 5-match Test series. The series, known as the Anthony De Mello Trophy, will take place between January and February 2024.

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2. Pakistan vs England

The English team will travel to Pakistan for a 3-match Test series. The series will begin in October 2024.

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3. New Zealand vs England

England will play their last Test series of the WTC schedule against New Zealand. The series comprises 3 Test matches, which will take place in November and December 2024.

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