How Long Does a Ranji Trophy Match Last?

The Ranji Trophy is the top-tier First-Class tournament run by the BCCI in India. Now, First-Class cricket is similar to Test Cricket, though the former is played at the domestic level and the latter is played among the ICC’s full members.

Now, you must be thinking that a Ranji match and a Test match have the same number of play days. Well, not every Ranji match is played over 5 days.

So, how many days is a Ranji Trophy match scheduled for?

In this article, we’ll delve into the duration of a Ranji Trophy match.

How Long is a Ranji Trophy Match?

Unlike Test cricket, the number of playing days varies in the Ranji Trophy match. You see, the national championship involves 2 stages — the group stage and the knockout stage.

Each group stage match is scheduled for 4 days, while the knockout matches have one extra day, making it a 5-day affair.

Thus, the Elite Group knockout matches, which include 4 quarterfinals, 2 semi-finals, and a grand finale, are played over 5 days. Similarly, the Plate Group knockouts — 2 semi-finals and a final — have the same number of days. The group matches across both divisions are of 4 days.

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How Many Overs are Bowled in a Ranji Trophy Match?

Even though the number of playing days varies, the minimum required overs are similar to the Test format.

Except for the last day, a day’s play lasts until the completion of a minimum of 90 overs or until the end of the day’s scheduled or rescheduled time.

The 90 overs are split across 3 sessions of a minimum of 30 overs. That means a minimum of 15 overs are bowled in an hour — the minimum over rate the bowling side needs to maintain per hour.

On the final day of the match, a minimum of 75 overs should be bowled before the final hour kicks in.

What are the Session Times for a Ranji Trophy Match?

A Ranji Trophy match has a scheduled playing time of 6 hours per day, with an additional hour dedicated for 2 intervals. The 6 hours are split across 3 sessions, with 2 scheduled intervals — lunch and tea.

The first session kicks off at 9.30 am and runs until 12 pm. After the first session’s play, a 40-minute lunch break follows.

The second session starts after the conclusion of the lunch break at 12.40 pm and ends at 2.40 pm for a 20-minute tea break. And the last session runs from 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

If the minimum 90 overs are not bowled before the scheduled time, then the day’s play can be extended by 30 minutes.

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