One of the most crucial fielding positions in the game of cricket is that of a wicketkeeper. A wicketkeeper does more than just protect byes, take catches, and stump the batsman.

However, they may be useful in advising bowlers on where to play. Being that close to a batter gives them an advantage in perceiving things. Wicketkeepers have been some of the most prominent players.

Let’s look at the top ten best wicketkeepers in the world across all versions of the game.

10. AB de Villiers (South Africa)

Despite his heroics with the bat and behind the stumps, De Villiers is only ranked tenth because of the time he spent as a keeper for the national side. Only after Mark Boucher retired did he take over the gloves, and Quinton de Kock later replaced him.

If he was able to keep wickets again before his career ended, he would undoubtedly have been considered among the top five finest wicketkeeper-batsmen of all time.

9.  Jeff Dujon (West Indies)

The ninth person on this list is the former West Indian cricket player Jeff Dujon. Dujon had a 10-year playing career in the 1980s.

Dujon also holds the record for the most dismissals in West Indies cricket history. In 250 international games, including ODIs and Tests, he was responsible for a total of 476 dismissals. For many networks, Dujon is now providing sports commentary.

8.  Brad Haddin (Australia)

Australia has a long history of wicketkeeper batters who have had a variety of effects on the team’s performance. The other illustration is Brad Haddin.

Haddin, who made his international cricket debut in 2001 and ended his career in 2015, is ranked eighth with 474 dismissals in 226 games.

7. Rod Marsh (Australia)

Another Australian on the list, Rod Marsh, is ranked seventh overall with 479 international dismissals.

It is interesting that Rod Marsh set this record in only 188 games, which is the only occasion someone on this list has played fewer than 200 games and been involved in this many dismissals. Rod Marsh’s total matches played were 38 fewer than Haddin’s.

6. Quinton De Kock (South Africa)

Quinton De Kock, the South African wicketkeeper-batsman, wowed everyone from the start. Since his three consecutive centuries against India, he has been hailed as an emerging great.

But the value he offers to his team by donning the gloves is undeniable. At the age of 30, he is already ranked sixth in the world with 521 dismissals in 268 matches.

5. Ian Healy (Australia)

Ian Healy, another Australian wicketkeeper, is ranked fifth. He made his debut in 1988 and played until 1999. Shane Warne, the famous spinner, described him as the greatest wicketkeeper he had ever seen.

Healy was the first wicketkeeper to record more than 600 dismissals. With 628 dismissals in 287 games, he actually accomplished this in fewer than 300 international contests.

For a very long time, no one could surpass that mark, and even now, among Australians, Adam Gilchrist has received more firings than Healy.

4. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Kumar Sangakkara is widely regarded as one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He not only has the most international runs and centuries, but he has also proven his worth as a wicketkeeper.

Sangakkara, a well-known legend of the game, has played the most international matches of any wicketkeeper, with 594.

3. MS Dhoni (India)

The only other Indian name on this list is MS Dhoni, who may be both India’s biggest and most well-known name. M.S. Dhoni is remembered in diverse ways by different people.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that he is without a doubt the best wicket-keeper the country has ever produced, and the statistics seem to support this. Some people will remember him as the only skipper to win all ICC Trophies, while others will remember him as an explosive finisher.

Dhoni, who has contributed to 829 dismissals in 538 games, is the third-best wicketkeeper in the world.

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2. Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

Throughout its history, Australia has produced many outstanding cricketers, but few have been as significant as Adam Gilchrist, or “Gilly,” as he was affectionately known among his teammates. Gilchrist had one of the safest hands in the world and was a really explosive batsman. 

Gilchrist, with 396 international games played and 905 dismissals, ranks second on the list behind Mark Boucher.

1. Mark Boucher (South Africa)

South African icon Mark Boucher tops this list and is crowned the greatest wicketkeeper in the world. He is recognised as the world’s best wicketkeeper.

Boucher played 467 matches in his career and had 999 dismissals, just one short of a thousand. Boucher was undeniably one of the most secure players behind the stumps, and his contribution to his team was invaluable.

Final Thoughts

With the emergence of players like Rishabh Pant and Jos Buttler, players like those on the list will always be a source of inspiration for the world’s youth.

Without a proper wicketkeeper, a massively loaded pace battery, a rock-steady batting line-up, and an amazing fielding unit, the team would be a failure. In the modern game, if you do not have amazing skill with the willow in your hand, getting into the keeper spot is quite difficult. 

A keeper must now perform the dual roles of keeper and batsman with equal dexterity and expertise. Any country would be lucky to have such an athlete.

To a layperson, gathering balls bowled at 145 kph in the scorching heat for two days and then going out to bat appears to be the most difficult thing in the world. However, there are a few keepers who do it well, which we have represented in the list above.

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