The 3 Teams with Least IPL Playoff Appearances

In the fierce Indian Premier League (IPL), all teams set their eyes on grabbing the coveted trophy. After a gruelling league stage, the top 4 teams on the points table inch closer to the title victory.

Some renowned IPL teams have entered the playoffs several times. However, a few haven’t managed to appear in the final frontier a lot of times despite playing in the league for considerable seasons.

In this article, we’ll list the 3 teams with the least playoff appearances in IPL history.

Note: Only teams that have played in 5 or more IPL seasons have been considered.

3. Rajasthan Royals | 5 Playoff Appearances

Rajasthan Royals were the inaugural champions of the IPL in 2008. Having won the title in the first season itself, there were a lot of hopes for RR to become a powerhouse.

However, the Royals have had a tumultuous journey in the IPL, with only 5 playoff appearances. In those 5 playoffs, RR have been to the finals only twice.

Rajasthan Royals Playoff Appearances: 2008, 2013, 2015, 2018, 2022

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2. Deccan Chargers | 2 Playoff Appearances

The now-defunct Deccan Chargers made it to the IPL playoffs in 2 of the 5 seasons they played between 2008 and 2012. 

In their first knockouts in 2009, the Chargers went on to win the whole thing. They followed that up with another playoff qualification but bowed out of the competition in the semi-final.

In both seasons, Adam Gilchrist was at the helm of the team. But once he left the team in 2011, they couldn’t replicate the dream run.

Deccan Chargers Playoff Appearances: 2009, 2010

1. Punjab Kings | 2 Playoff Appearances

Punjab Kings are also on the same boat as the Chargers, with only 2 IPL Playoff qualifications in 17 seasons. They have endured dismal performances throughout the history of the league.

Their first knockout appearance came in 2008, with the most recent being in the 2014 season, where they lost in the final. Punjab Kings have become the first team to not reach the IPL Playoffs in 10 consecutive seasons (2015 to 2024).

The main reason behind Punjab’s inconsistency is changing captains too frequently. Thus far, the franchise has seen 15 players lead the team in 17 seasons, with not much success. Not having stable leadership at the top has cost Punjab Kings dearly.

Punjab Kings Playoff Appearances: 2008, 2014

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