5 Father-Son Pairs Who Played International Cricket

Humans tend to uphold their family’s legacy in whichever field they work in. Cricket is no exception, and we have seen some notable father-son duos represent their countries at the international level.

So, in this article, we’ll look at 5 father-son pairs who played international cricket.

1. Lala Amarnath – Mohinder and Surinder Amarnath

The Amarnath family from India has a special place for cricket in their hearts. Lala Amarnath passed on the baton to 3 of his sons, with 2 of them representing India.

Lala Amarnath, a former all-rounder, was a stalwart in First-Class cricket. His brilliance earned him a place in the Indian Test team, and he struck a century on his debut. With that, he became the first Indian batter to score a Test century in what was India’s first match on home soil.

Later, his sons — Mohinder, Surinder, and Rajinder — followed in his footsteps and took up the sport. Mohinder and Surinder played for India, while Rajinder made his mark in the First-Class circuit.

Mohinder amassed over 6300 runs and 78 wickets across Tests and ODIs, along with his contribution to the 1983 World Cup victory. Surinder, on the other hand, had a brief career, but he also scored a Test century on his debut, like his father did.

2. Geoff Marsh – Shaun and Mitchell Marsh

Australia’s Geoff Marsh got to see 2 of his sons represent their country at the top. Geoff Marsh had a remarkable career, scoring 7200 runs while playing for Australia.

His elder son, Shaun, saw him play the game up close during his career, helping Shaun develop his game early on. Shaun made his international debut in 2008, showing his promising talent, however, he was hit with injuries and was dropped from the side frequently.

Later, in 2011, Geoff’s younger son, Mitchell, made his international debut. He wasn’t consistent in his early days, but he is now coming up with solid performances.

Apart from that, the Marshs have been part of Australia’s World Cup winning squads in 1987 (Geoff), 2019 (Shaun), 2015 and 2023 (Mitchell).

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3. Chris Broad – Stuart Broad

Chris Broad was a determined opener for England, although he had a short career. His consecutive 3 Test centuries in the 1986 Ashes Series were the silver lining of his career.

His son, Stuart, dared to build a remarkable career, even after getting smoked for 6 sixes off 6 balls in his early days. Stuart didn’t lose hope, continuing to carve his place by troubling the batters with his pace and skills.

Start Broad hanged his boots with over 840 international wickets, making his dad proud with his performances.

4. Peter Pollock – Shaun Pollock

Peter Pollock was the foremost pacer in South Africa during his playing days. His career lasted for 9 years before his country’s international isolation after 1970. In his 28-match career, Peter plucked 116 Test wickets, along with 9 five-wicket hauls.

Later, he played a key role in his son Shaun’s cricket development. The African nation got an immaculate bowling all-rounder in Shaun Pollock. He had a resounding international career, as he picked up 829 wickets and 7386 runs in 423 appearances.

5. Hanif Mohammad – Shoaib Mohammad

If there is one cricketer who is regarded as high in Pakistan, then that’s Hanif Mohammad. He was the stalwart of the game in his heydays, taking cricket to another level in the country. 

His son, Shoaib, took over the reins from him, etching his place in Pakistan’s team. Shoaib was an able opener like his father and scored over 3900 international runs.

Notable Mention: Shivnarine Chanderpaul – Tagenarine Chanderpaul

Shivanarine Chanderpaul had a prolific career for the West Indies, as he accumulated close to 21000 runs. His unflinching resolve helped him score runs with consistency for a long time.

Now, his son, Tagenarine, has set foot on the cricket field in the quest to match the standards of his father. Tagenarine made his debut in 2022 and has a long way to go.

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