A hat trick is a unique phenomenon in the exciting game of cricket. When a bowler takes a hat trick, it’s no less than an achievement for them.

But what exactly does a hat trick mean in cricket?

In this article, let’s talk about hat tricks. Shall we?

Meaning of Hat Trick in Cricket

A hat trick happens when a bowler dismisses 3 batters on 3 consecutive deliveries. Now these wickets can spread across overs or even 2 different innings in the case of a Test match or a First-Class match.

So, for example, if a bowler picks 1 wicket on the last delivery of their 6th over and again takes 2 wickets on the first two deliveries of their 7th over, then it will be considered a hat trick.

Similarly, in Test cricket, if a bowler picks the last 2 wickets of the opposing team in the first innings and dismisses 1 batter on the first ball of the second innings, then the bowler can claim a hat trick.

However, a hat trick is only valid if the batters are dismissed in the following ways:

  • Bowled
  • Caught
  • Leg Before Wicket (LBW)
  • Stumped

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Origin of Hat Trick

Now the term hat trick is not limited to cricket; it is also used in other sports like hockey, football, rugby, and many more. However, the term originated with our beloved sport, cricket.


In the 19th century, when a bowler dismissed 3 batters in 3 successive deliveries, they were awarded a hat or cap to honour their performance. And it was linked to magic tricks done by a magician using a hat.

Dismissing 3 batters consecutively was no less than a magic trick, and that’s how the term “hat trick” originated.

Types of Hat Tricks in Cricket

Apart from the regular hat trick, cricket has 2 more types of hat tricks.

1. Double Hat Trick

A double hat trick can only occur when a bowler takes 4 wickets on 4 consecutive balls. This type of hat-trick is a rare occasion in cricket, and a handful of bowlers like Lasith Malinga, Jason Holder, Curtis Campher, and Rashid Khan have done it in the T20I format.

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2. Team Hat Trick

A team hat trick is also similar to the regular one; however, the only difference is —- off the 3 consecutive wickets, 2 wickets must be taken by the bowler, and 1 should be a runout either by a fielder or the bowler. 

Suppose a bowler took a wicket on the first delivery, then a run out happened on the second ball, and the bowler took another wicket on the third delivery, making it a team hat-trick.

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Final Words

A hat-trick is another interesting facet of the gentleman’s game that gives pride to a bowler. Fans may not remember how many wickets a bowler took in their career, but they will definitely remember these breathtaking moments from a bowler’s illustrious career.

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